I'm so freaking screwed


My pharmacy closed for the day due to the weather. So I went to the emergency room and got a new prescription from a doc. So went to the the hospitals pharmacy and they were all out of the Clozapine. Went to a bunch of other places like Walgreens and their systems were down.

So basically I’m going to go tonight without Clozapine. I apologize in advance if I do anything stupid. Does anyone know if it will still be in my system if I miss a dose?



I think you’ll be okay. You can ask a moderator if you want to be suspended for a day or so until you are able to get it.


I hope I don’t do anything stupid. Thanks for the link.


I doubt I will sleep tonight


Try to sleep or do something fun/relaxing. Do you have any sleep aides?


Clozapine did help me sleep.


Oof, well, I think you’ll be able to sleep. I’m sorry you ran out


Goodluck man, hopefully you get your meds soon.


I think I will be able to get meds in the morning. Thanks for the support.


Hey dude im sure you will be fine mate !

One days wont be the end of the world.

Just make sure you can get tomorrows dose!



I often skip a day of meds like every 3 weeks or more just so I can stay awake longer at night and not feel so damn zombified at 11am in the morning lol. One day missing is okay every now and then. Maybe 2 days. But I think you’ll really start feelings the changes after a week of not taking it. Don’t do what I do. I just do it for myself cause I don’t really get affected by missing one nights dose.


geez, what a strange turn of events. I guess we never shut down in Iowa.

Drink sleepytime tea or melatonin. You get your pills tomorrow?

yeah, it’ll be in your body still.


Thanks for the replies. I’m fairly sure I’ll be fine. :sunglasses:


you can go off on me, honey, no big deal.

I might either laugh or get into it with you.

happens all the time.


My power keeps acting like it’s going to go out. My lights are flickering. Hope nothing happens.


Wishing you the best, I hope everything works out


It won’t be completely in your system, but you will still have some in your system depending on half life. When I would go off my meds, I would say “wow I don’t need them. I feel good” then someone would say “that’s because it’s still in your system” I never listened…


Missing one dose probably wont hurt too terribly much, especially if you’ve been on it a while. I could be mistaken but I believe clozapine and most antipsychotics are long releasing medications meaning they get built up in your system over a long period of time. Definitely try to get it filled tomorrow, but missing one dose probably wont hurt to much. It may be hard to fall asleep though.

I’ve had to miss my dose of geodon before and I couldnt sleep that night at all, but I didnt have any psychotic symptoms from missing one dose.


Hope you stay safe during the storm


I would think if you are able to get your meds tomorrow then one missed dose shouldn’t be too bad. When I miss my meds I don’t sleep all that well. Hope you get through the night okay and get taken care of tomorrow.