I'm so embarrassed!

I’m having a herpes breakout and I’m so embarrassed… This is my first breakout… I’ve tested positive for herpes before just never broke out with them… I’m so scared and embarrassed

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I think the majority of the population has that virus don’t they? (I was surprised to learn). Some people get flare ups. Nothing to be embarrassed about.


There are OTC medications that work really well on them.

You should ask the pharmacist and check them out.


The majority of people in the US has herpes, just not everyone has outbreaks. Don’t feel bad. You can’t help it. Just take meds to heal quicker and to help with symptoms.

It is totally embarrassing, it’s like everyone is staring right at it. I hate it. You aren’t alone. It’s estimated that 85% of the world’s population is infected with the virus. You are going to have to deal just like the rest of us. Oh and by the way stress can contribute to a flare up so try not to worry about it.

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I have herpes too.

On my lips and between my legs.

A boyfriend went down on me when he had a cold sore.

First outbreak I could barely walk.
It was sooooooooo painful.

It gets better with time or did for me and thankfully I haven’t had a outbreak in a few months.

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