I'm so confused

That’s good that you’re seeing the pdoc tomorrow. Listen carefully to what they have to say and ask lots of questions.

I suspect it is difficult to make a definitive diagnosis in adolescents when it comes to mental health issues because their brains and bodies are still developing. With that said, I do think it’s important for you to continue seeing a pdoc and/or therapist so they can continue to assess you.

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I’d definitely get a second opinion.

Psychiatry is not law, and it’s good to be educated on the subject, so that you know your options and have secondary outlooks.
(Basically knowing what your getting and looking at, and being educated on the matter)
To make a decision that is right for you.

Your doctor is a idiot to base his truths and analysis based off of the “inkblot test.”

Sorry you have to deal with this

tests can be wrong, i dont know why anybody would waste their time making ■■■■ like this up; its sickening and i wish i never had any of it; you are young and i really feel for you; you seem like you go through a lot for your age and i wish you were out there having fun with friends and enjoying yourself instead of being bogged down with this mental crap,

mental illness is a waste of time and energy though and i wish i could control it and i keep thinking that there is a way out so i have turned to Jesus for help; he healed millions and maybe if he can do that then maybe he can heal me; i believe he has made me a stronger person and more able to cope, i think we all need something to believe in otherwise we are just empty and tbh i’d rather be a Christian than just another person with sz.

i’ll pray for you childoffate, i pray for healing for you and for you to have a better life free from mental illness and to have a normal childhood and have fun like you should be having at your age, i also pray for your family and for a better understanding and acceptance of your situation, i pray that the doctors can help you like they are supposed to, and that things dont get worse for you but get better for you.

There is no objective test to identify hallucinations, other than self-reports.
The inkblot test can identify personality issues, and that’s about it.

You Said it Naught me (!!!)

Your not making it up. My friend told me I was copying a beautiful mind with my symptoms. He’s an idiot Don’t let people make you think your a liar. Your not. This is a very real disease.

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Leaving to see the pdoc in a bit. I’ll make sure that I ask lots of questions and that I understand t is going on. I’ll listen carefully and remember all I can then tell you guys.

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Just out of curiosity sake if someone were to make it up and be on meds for so long wouldnt they have been crazy in the first place to even want them? isnt that defined as different?

I think it would be odd or weird for somebody to want to be on meds when there is nothing wrong with them.

So what are they docotr saying its all for attention? i dont know its pretty weird.

Maybe they doing a test on you IRL.

Your mom could still be in denial

I think they are saying that I’m doing it subconsciously or something like that.

thats worthy of meds.

I wish you luck. My thoughts are that this is an actual test IRL to see what your reactions etc will be.


that i am unsure of. I know my dad’s cousin had disorganized type of schizophrenia. she was unable to live alone and was never left alone in the house because she almost killed the family dog. but she was left alone once and she suffocated in the coat closet when I was around 3 or 4. to base diagnosis on that inkblot test is flawed because if you know what the doctor wants to hear I think anyway. I had an inkblot test when I was 16 after my first suicide attempt. I don’t know what the test said about me they just kept me out of the mental hospital said I wasn’t sick. that I just had depression.

That sounds pretty arrogant of your pdoc. If it is possible, I would get a new psychiatrist. This one doesn’t seem to know ■■■■ from Shinola.

I think the adults have a plan

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Okay so the psychologist said that on the scale that they use to show how high I scored for psychotic features I got a zero and I scored a one for depression. She said that I could have somatic something disorder which is from what I heard the mind changing emotions into pain or in my case hallucinationsand delusions. I’m doing research on it right now.

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I think your parents should look at taking you to someone who specializes in psychotic disorders. Many psychiatrists don’t have experience specifically in psychosis. The inkblot test is not definitive proof, and it could be very dangerous for them to take you off Abilify when you already become suicidal because of your delusions. Have you looked more into those early psychosis centers I showed you?

fight to stay on your meds. your doctor sounds like a jerk. i know when people don’t believe in you are sick it can be rough and you want and wish you can show them what you see and feel.
i had a doctor who i described my hallucinations and she didn’t believe me her words," maybe you just need to sleep more," or another doctor, “get out and walk” like walking can cure psychosis