I'm so burnt out

I’m so stressed out.

I have to take so many exams and certificates just to get a job. It’s so different from the environment I grew up in. I focused on getting the best grades in college when I was growing up. But here, it’s so hard to get a job and you have to take a million tests just to succeed in getting employed outside of studying in college. I know that this is just a cultural thing, but it’s so different from how I grew up. The cultural difference is so heavy on me and I get it, I was born here but being raised elsewhere for nearly a fraction of your life really impacted my cultural struggle with my identity. I feel burnt out- having to constantly study for certificates and not getting any breaks, even after surgery. I am trying to rest as much as I can but I know that resting isn’t going to get me jobs when I’m going to be graduating next Summer. Honestly I’m not entirely sure if I can cope with so much stress without crashing mentally or physically. This world is definitely not built for a neurodivergent person, and I hate that. I know that I have to satisfy the expectations of my parents by succeeding as a disabled person and I cry every night thinking “what if I can’t”…I’m so tired.


Hey @laetitia . I’m sorry that you are under so much pressure. I’m proud of you for fighting so hard to achieve despite your disabilities. I’m rooting for you! Hang in there.

I’m so tired of life, really. I just want to give up everything but I still draw which is a good coping strategy for me. I’m also thinking of buying a set of prismacolours. I get 0 mental health support from anyone so it feels terrible trying to do everything on my own.

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Definitely get the prismacolors if it makes you happy, you’ve earned it.