I'm sick of schizophrenia

Can I get a different mental illness lol


Lol! No joke! I’m with you haha!


Same here i hate myself because of how i have acted


I often wonder what the returns policy is for this crap. Damn it all to hades!


I think it may come with a money back guarantee. Wohoo, some cash too! I’m cashing in! I think I’ll pick Nymphomania for my replacement disorder.


Haha that made me lol


And schizophrenia is sick of us.


I’ll take tourettes even.


I’d take tourettes for whatever I have.

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“If I only could, make a deal with god.”

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Be running up that FECKKKKKKKK

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I’m scared I’ll probably be on meds for life.

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I probably will, too. I mean, I’m on three antipsychotics right now lol

Yeah. Sometimes when I take meds I wonder why I am doing it voluntary. I wouldn’t complain if the drugs were not bad. But I have had insomnia for 8 years or so now because of AP. I really need to see a pdoc and talk about options.

You need to be qualified for sz. Congratulations

I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired:( We all need to revolt against the universe and whoever or whatever is behind this chaotic mess known as life! Daggnamit!

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Amen to that. 1515

I wonder what would be my source of energy going to, obviously the entire universe is learning is what i belive, no matter i am a richest or scientist or lay man or a rock,
Everything is being studied is what i understand.
Sz yes we are just a sample, just imagine the creators mind, i better have just sz and may be that energy is just an energy after all.

Yeah, this condition sucks.

I’m not religious, but when I die, if there is a heaven, God is gonna get an earfull.

More inline with my thoughts on the matter we got f*cked over by Darwin (Evolution). Maybe one day gene therapy will provide a better solution to the problem than antipsychotic medication.


Schizophrenia actually wouldnt be so bad in my circles, so long as you didnt have to cope with the stigma that went with it.

Not only are you trying to manage and try and get some insight into your brain, theres always someone that will use it aganest you, to make their own piiful life look better.

And then of course you get triggered, cos that coffee your been psyching yourself upto do, turns into a negative experience just cos of some arsehole.