I'm sick of my room decor

The walls haven’t been painted since I was 11 and I chose to have them painted baby pink :upside_down_face: . The blinds on my windows are dark pink. I don’t like the arrangement of my furniture but my bedroom is so awkward when it comes to rearranging because of the radiator and plug sockets.

My huge wardrobe, chest of drawers and double bed make it difficult to rearrange.

I hate my pink walls so much but they’re not being painted again until next year :persevere:

Maybe I’m just getting wound up over nothing.


Sup jess…what are u upto…i hope ur doing fine…take care …!!!

Once I painted my bedroom walls lime green,

It seemed cool at the time, but that time only lasted about six months.

I hated it and my parents thought it was to much of a pain to repaint.

So, I covered the walls with drapes.

It looked pretty good.

You could get cheap ones and just cover one wall, like an accent wall,

It would change it up just enough.

It was like this:


can you draw? it might be interesting to draw imagines even abstract shapes and colors and cut them out for the walls.

if it’s your home, and not a problem, could you draw nature scenes on the walls. (be sure you don’t use ink or crayons though, ink bleeds through and crayons are waxy. what about using sandpaper and etching out white places. just don’t go beyond paint removal.

i think it is a good sign that you care about the walls.


Update: I have moved my bed so it is now up against one of the walls instead of in the middle of the room, so my rooms looks and feels more spacey now.

I’m having a rest now and later will reorganise my desk and do some dusting.

I’ll be having some Christmas decorations arriving in the post this week so they will make my room look more cosy.

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my niece kept solar lights behind her headboard year round, she’s always had that james dean coolness.

i’m glad your room is more spacious. :slight_smile:

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