I'm sick of my father making me do things

I keep telling him that I’m too depressed and too stressed out to do things. It would be better if I lived by myself just with this situation. He doesn’t understand what I’m going through.


It’s good to do things even when you are depressed. I always feel better after I accomplish a task, even if it is the only task I do that day.


I love him but it is super annoying.

I agree with ninjastar’s sentiment, and I have troubles with depression too. I can really not want to do something because I feel down but I know at the end of the day if I do it I’ll feel so much better even if I don’t like whatever it is I have to do. It gives me a nice sense of accomplishment that make me feel better about myself.


I remember when it was so hard to do even the littlest things :frowning: it was horrible, like normally i would happily help out but at that time everything going on in my head was stopping me and the meds kind of sapped the energy and motivation out of me,

I wasnt asked to do much just to go to a local shop now and again and that was really hard even just to go outside, i didnt feel safe, idk what you should do all i can say is what my motto says and that is ‘do what you can, when you can’

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My father makes me do a whole lot like take a shower, clean my room, do laundry and other things. He keeps saying that I procrastinate and I don’t care about things.

It helps me to have two checklists. I have my “feeling good” days checklist. It says take a shower, brush my teeth, fix my hair, do the dishes, do laundry, clean the room, clean the bathrooms, make dinner

Then I have my “barely surviving” checklist. It just has brush my teeth, put on clean clothes, make sure the kid stays safe and fed, and grab some snacks.

On my good days, I try to get everything done on my checklist, because I know I will be coming up to a time when I can barely drag myself out of bed.


When I was at my worst my parents did the same thing, and too be honest it was probably one of the best things they could have done for me. Not taking care of yourself does a lot of mental damage, and the longer you go without taking care of yourself the harder it will be to get out of that funk.

Unfortunately depression isnt a free pass. It’s a factor in how difficult doing even the simplest things can become, but at the end of the day we are still expected to do them.

Why dont you sit down and talk with your dad to make a plan on things that are reasonable for both of you, as far as daily tasks go. Start small, like brush your teeth once a day, and add in a bit of tidying up. You have to do something though, or else it keeps getting harder and harder.

I’m not trying to sound mean, I know the struggle, but it is reasonable for your father to have expectations for you if you’re living under his roof. Work with him to make those expectations manageable for you at this point in time. If you start now, itll keep getting easier to function daily and your depression might even improve.


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