Im sick of empathy

I’m so sick of understanding! I’m sick of not being able to just be angry and sad! Because I can understand where they’re coming from. Even if their logic is twisted I can see that they think they’re right. Then I feel terrible for feeling angry and hurt. I know I shouldn’t, especially in this most recent situation but I do. A very close friend said some really terrible things to me then said they have to cut me off because I have some christian values. Nevermind that we don’t usually talk about my christian beliefs and that I don’t support most of the christians that he’s angry at.

But I can see where he’s coming from. I can see why and feel why he thinks he needs to do that. But I’m still hurt over the things he said and that fact that he’s dropping me because of the actions of others. But then I feel like a terrible person because I see why he’s doing it so who am I to feel hurt over it? He’s just trying to take care of himself.


Yeah sometimes being a very open minded and understanding person can be a detriment it seems.
Just remember that makes you a really decent human being though!


Well I just lost a friend and I’m trying hard not to judge him. So he’s just a mystery that I keep at a distance. In order to not judge too much.

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I have been mocked for my religious beliefs in the past. I don’t really mind. To each their own I guess.


I’m sorry you lost a friend. If that “friend” judges you based on other Christian peoples words and actions, is he really a friend? I think not. I know it hurts even knowing he’s not a true friend, but maybe you can work on making some new friends. If you’re religious you could join groups at a church and make friends that way. I really hope I’m not going against the rules right now. Is this ok to say @anon4362788 ?


The trick is to not have any friends :smile:

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A friend in need is a friend indeed.
Everyone else is just an acquaintance.

I have atheist friends and friends of different religious beliefs than me. We get along most of the time.


You should be able to be friends with anyone despite religious beliefs.


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