I'm seeing a new doctor today for primary care. I have some issues and am afraid he's going to blame everything on my weight and/or weed

I just want a doctor who’s not a judgmental jerk.

Is that so much to ask?

My pdoc is the best guy, so I used up all my good luck on that.

I haven’t been to an actual PCP since COVID began.

I’ve been feeling down about my weight,

Having odd pain in my hip for about a year,

Also been having other odd pains that could be a serious condition coming back.

Doctor’s can treat you like trash cans when you’re schizophrenic, sometimes.

It makes it worse that I use a lot of cannabis.

(Which is legal here, and recommended by my pdoc)

Takes the trust level down even further before we even meet.

I’m just not in the mood to discuss my MI or defend my cannabis usage.

Hopefully he’ll be cool and help me out a little.

Get some blood work, maybe xray my jacked up hip.

That’s all I want.

I just fear new healthcare providers.


A lot of problems do go back to weight. My back pain subsided some with a great deal of weight loss. It also removed most of my acid reflux, my sleep apnea, and I was able to stop taking meds for high blood pressure as it went back to normal. Also? Blood sugar improved greatly.

Ask for Metformin if weight comes up. I finally got a scrip for it and it got me past my plateau. Dropping lbs again. Love it.


Good information.

Thank you.

I also have acid reflux that I feel is due to my weight.

Never had it before, so makes sense.

I was given pantoprazole for the bad reflux (I’d wake up with food in my lungs and cough until I vomited). It’s a proton pump inhibitor and the problem disappeared overnight. Haven’t needed antacids in over two years. I barely need to take this med now.

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Yeah, drs tend to be really nasty to people with mental illness. I’ve been bringing my husband to appointments so he can defend me if I get mistreated. It’s working so far luckily. Is there anyone you trust to go with you?


I don’t take anyone to my doctor appointments.

Just feel like they are very private.

Totally weirded me out when I was pregnant and like, multiple people went to my appointments.

Anyway, I feel that I can advocate for myself and even be a little pushy if I want,

I just hate feeling like they’re going to be jackasses before they even meet me.

I may be wrong, this guy totally looks cool and went to the same school (semi-local very prestigious university) as my pdoc.

So maybe they’ll have similar approaches.


I’m happy for you that you’re good at advocating for yourself. I hope the dr is kind and you can feel comfortable. I finally, after decades of trying, found some nice drs. Hopefully you’ll have good drs too

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I feel this post, @Charles_Foster, like, a lot a lot.

Mental issues? Obviously, you must be both mentally incompetent and crazy. Strike one.

Weight issues? Oh, you’re lazy and unhygienic and undisciplined and you basically offend my senses. Strike two.

Cannabis user? Again, you’re lazy and unmotivated in life, and drugs are bad m’kay. Strike three.

Like, whatever happened to that one oath that all doctors take before starting to practice? It basically says that they swear to ultimately do no harm to another human.

And yet, all this stigma and these preconceived notions from their side is seriously a roadblock to getting the best care possible.

Dare I say, harmful, even.

I have pretty much the same worries you do— except my GP is already known to me, and I believe I’ve experienced judgement and stigma from her during previous appointments— so much so, that I have been too anxious to switch or do anything, just to get my annual physical done.

This shiit has been going on since 2019.

I wish you luck in your appointment, and hopefully this doctor is chill, understanding, and competent.


There’s good news people!

I’ve looked him up and he’s super cute and has long, shoulder length hair.

Likes to surf on his days off, says his online profile.

He might just be cool.

(In that California way)


Great! He sounds like he might be cool!

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My MH team know about my THC use. But I get everything from the state run shops so it’s lab tested.

I use 5-1 cbd-thc gummies. I’ve completely given up vaping it. My team is cool with it, or atleast never told me no, or that it’s bad, they just said to watch it.

My MH-PharmD said it’s no problem, and she’s the one I get my meds from, she’s cool.

I will admit though that my THC use has gone down to a few times a week since being put on gabapentin.

Good luck! I hope they don’t hassle you about it.

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If you don’t bring up the cannabis thing I don’t see how he would know about it unless your records are transferred by your pdoc

Trust me, i am a doctor :rofl: We are working on the symptoms but not the cause.

I’m back.

I had several problems with the office.

  1. It took me twenty minutes to find parking, no joke.

  2. The appointment took entirely too long. (Waited a looooong time)

  3. The doctor made a point to tell me he could only see me for preventative stuff, that he didn’t treat chronic conditions.

The parking, okay.

The appointment being long is annoying but also forgivable.

But I don’t understand what he means by preventative.

Don’t you go to the doctor with problems after they happen,

Most the time?

Is this the nice way of saying he doesn’t want me as a patient OR is he a not-so-great doctor?

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My primary dr always sends me to specialists if her first prescribed treatment doesn’t work. Maybe he is like that?

But if you’re already unhappy with the office, I say at least look around still

He is saying you are chronically ill and can’t help, he only helps healthy patients.

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It depends what kind of chronic illnesses he’s talking about. All of my chronic illnesses are managed by specialists. General practitioners like doing that. Basically they are there for acute illnesses and that’s it.

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He wants you as a patient. He’s just explaining his limitations. My primary is also my rheumatologist. She constantly refers me to other doctors. She has a limited scope of practice.