I'm scared human cloning exists

And they can create a fully grown adult right off the bat. Like a rapid growth. Is this delusional?

That does sound delusional. I had a similar delusions. I thought I could transplant my brain to another body.

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It’s absolutely delusional. You really need help. All these delusions are causing damage to your brain. The longer you go unmedicated, or undermedicated, the worse the damage will be.


Just wondering, what are you able to do while psychotic? I am thinking about quitting meds to improve my negative symptoms as now I stay in bed all day everyday, 90% of my time. I just get out of bed to eat and go to the bathroom.

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My delusions will at least give me something to think about as now my mind is always empty like a desert.

i think it’s best if you stick with your meds… if you get psychotic it will be worse i think…


I miss being psychotic and having energy. I am tired of staying in bed all day everyday.

yea i can understand that feeling, i get it too sometimes but then again i was also really afraid when i was psychotic so i don’t miss that.

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I will die from a heart attack in my bed, even my parents say so. I gained 160lb from meds.

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I stay in bed all day everyday but I do think about a lot of things. I would prefer to be in your situation Aziz as I really don’t think I’m psychotic and expect bad things to happen to me. I know you don’t believe it but these things are real and I’m on the wrong forum. It’s my fault.

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It is delusional to believe that contrary to all evidence such technology already exists.

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When did this start? Before being on meds?

Can u link a research study where it says delusions cause brain damage?

No after. But it’s not related. My family won’t let me go out.

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Basically what you’re asking is that someone else does a Google search for you. :wink:

I’m too lazy to do that

So you mean the technology does exist?

I’m not going to do an exhaustive search for you. You can do that yourself. Here is just one article. Delusions are a symptoms of psychosis.

Longer duration of untreated psychosis linked to loss of brain volume.

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No, I mean it does not exist yet.

I just feel like I’m not schizophrenic because I did things for attention before. And my boyfriend thinks I’m not.