Im scared and alone and nothing feels safe

I want to breakdown but what good would that do me. Everything feels threatening. This is all too much for me right now


Maybe you need to call your doctor or go to the hospital.

No one wants to go, but if you’re feeling this bad,

It might be time to go.


I agree, it might be time to get help. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help. It’s the best thing to do. Better to be safe than sorry.

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Thanks. Maybe if i take a nap i’ll feel better. Ive been sleep deprived and dehydrated for the past few days. Im scared about continuing on. I’m really confused about a lot of things in my life and it doesnt help having the little voice in the back of my head saying “everyone is against you, nothing is worthwhile.” I want to help people on here. I don’t want to show myself this way. I just want to be at peace and help others feel some sense of peace. Im sorry im like this.


Are you taking meds? If not maybe you should get on meds then try to get some sleep and getting rehydrated

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