Im scared 101010

help I watch a ted talk with lady schizophrenia and I’m very scared for my future please help

Patience is the key.

I can’t stpc crying

Watch something you like on YouTube

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What are you afraid of?

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being in hospital

having mental illness

Which Ted talk? There’s nothing scary about being in the hospital. I’ve been inpatient loads of times.

Can you think more specifically about what it is that scaring you?

The one with the lady whose a psychiatrist also. She said they bound her with straps. I’m terrified of my illness now if I have it

I don’t want to be severely ill and haveall these problems anymore I wish I could just stop and maybe a bit suciidal because of this

I’m not severely ill but maybe j might be

I’ve been strapped down. It is definitely unpleasant, but it kept me safe in the moment.


What if it’s all a choice and I’ve just ruined my life

If it’s a choice, change your mind. Can you? No? Then it was never a choice to begin with.

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Are you the US? You can text HOME to 741741 and they’ll help you. It’s a really good service if you’re not able to talk on the phone.

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Maybe you’re right… still I’m scared for my life… I don’t know how people with severe schitzophrenia do it… I don’t even know if I have it:. I can try to stop but it just makes me frusterated with myself because I cANT no matter what I do and I hate feel psychotic because I can’t control myself and I just injure myself but I can’t do anything and I am not going to go to university until next year now because of all of this I feel like everything is ruined and I’m so scared to go on

I’m in Canada :frowning: does it work still?

Oh yes it does, connects to Ontario line

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I feel like I’m going to have a panic attack