I'm really stressed because I can't get in touch with my latest employers for references

Really stressing me out.

This is the one thing holding me back at the moment from finding work.

What are you meant to do in that situation when the job applications mostly ask for your last job references?

I even went to the job place where I used to work but the manager is not there instead he has his employees there so I left a message but I’m not 100 percent confident he will get back to me.

I guess I might have no choice but to put other people as reference but many of the forms say it has to be most previous job references if you had previous job references

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The reason might be because I only lasted 1 to two months at my last two jobs.

They may be think I don’t deserve a reference
Plus I was a slow worker

And didn’t accept extra hours

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Don’t you just have to give them the name, number, address of your previous employee? :koala::koala::koala:


Also email address which I don’t have.

Plus they do actually sometimes need to get in touch with those references in the UK or else you can’t get the job.

I think with the jobs I’m applying for them getting in touch with employers is pretty essential mostly

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Anyway I will have to wait until Monday to call them both up again since Monday is an official work day.

If they still don’t get in touch I’ll just have to use other people as references

Which sucks

Because I’ll probably not get the specific jobs I want out of all the jobs I apply for.

But you never know.

I hate the whole reference thing, I understand it’s usefulness but still.

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I hope everything works out for you. You deserve it. :wolf::wolf::wolf:

Thankyou so much.

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Doesnt it work with other person?

For example if you did an internship, or went to an course or similar

Unfortunately they specifically ask for the most previous employers

But only occasionally it works with other people, usually in less successful companies which are usually more difficult to work in and also usually more difficult to get references from.

Regarding the jobs I’m applying for.

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Oh man that sucks.

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It sucks because I saw a really ideal, easy job perfect hours for me which is not easy to find all the time

But it asks for my last two job references

Anyway I think I’ll just fill that out with other people nevertheless.

I’m too impatient to wait until Monday to hear from my previous employers, that’s if they even get back to me.

Or maybe I should wait until Monday.

I just am so keen to submit that application form.

I just use friends as references and pretend they are old bosses!

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Don’t do that though ! A lot of jobs don’t call references! Don’t worry!

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I was asked to provide references too. Some managers are friendly but not all. One of them turned me down. I feel you.

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It doesnt have to be your previous job, I just put the jobs I was good at which didnt include my last few jobs lol I had no problem finding jobs, I actually got 3 interviews on Indeed, I chose the one with the IQ test and worked there for 1 month before giving up eventhough it was my best and dream sz job as its extremely easy. I had to play VR video games all day and write bug reports.

One of the other jobs I cancelled the interview, it was selling Nespresso coffee machines in the mall in the official Nespresso store.

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I had like 20 jobs in my life, I am 31y.o., started working at 14y.o.

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The third job was selling shoes for a popular shoes store here. It was pretty close to my house too just like the Nespresso job. Nespresso paid the most and plus it had commission on everything sold but I think its more stressful than the other two jobs.

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Here in California if a prospective employer calls one of your past jobs, by law, he isn’t allowed to say anything bad about you. All he can say is that you worked there. Doesn’t answer your question but it’s interesting.

You might not need that employers permission or anything from him. Just put his name and phone number and the name of the business on the job application and if they want to call him, they’ll call him.


It does when they specifify so :(((

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In England where I am, That is sometimes the case but not always that they call the reference. Unfortunately when they do and if no one responds there’s a chance I won’t get the job.

Anyway what’s worse is that I don’t even have all of the reference man’s details so have nothing to type in fields where the boxes need to be filled with a proper email.

And I can’t put older jobs down cos they want it in chronological order with most recent job first.

I don’t know not all the applications are like that so it’s not too bad.

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