Im really hurting

Im horribly depressed and im craving a drink. This ■■■■■■■ sucks. Life can’t be worth all this

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It’s never easy giving up anything that affects your moods especially! From personal experience though the first part is always hard but it does get better!! You just have to hang in there and do your best! One day at a time. One foot in front of the other.

Many of us have been there. Damn there’s people here who’ve given up Opiates. That stuff just amazes me how you could do that so have some faith and keep trying!

Most people fail a couple of times till they give up totally so don’t beat yourself up and just do what you can do!
It is worth it. It really is!


Hit (hang in there)

Can you eat something sweet? Would that help? I’m not being sarcastic

I’m sorry you’re not feeling well @KingKazuma

Remember things can get better.

Maybe hang in there and do your best and make room for better things and feelingsto come your way.


Yo man… You’ve made it this far.

I totally get it. Spinning in oblivion ain’t fun… and the light at the end of the tunnel only seems to run away.

@kazuma there is a strongly significant chance that your life will get better…

The wait will be worth it man.

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Yo I know it’s hard to see right now. You’ve been having a tough time and then the cravings on top of everything it doesn’t surprise me that you’re thinking like this. But life is worth it.

I know it’s hard but try to find some good in life today. You got to pet you’re bunnies. You’re staying strong through those cravings. You are a king.

I’m here for you

I’m trying to give up opiates atm. It sucks, it’s so hard. I’m here with you buddy.


I’m sorry you are going through this, but think of how much healthier and happier you will be in the long run. You can do this!

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