I'm Really Angry

I don’t usually get angry, but somebody came on to this forum and said that psychiatry is not a real science. This is really bothering me. To me for someone to say this on this site is a slap in the face. So does that mean my “illness” is not real? Does it mean the decades of pain and suffering I have been through is not real?

This guy’s post is so disrespectful and inappropriate; it makes me angry.

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Yeah, it pisses me off too. We get angry because we feel he doesn’t take the illness seriously, and we do.
Too bad for him, he’s been hospitalized three times and needs to blame someone. Made a huge thing around it, maybe its too late for him, maybe someday he’ll come here and apologize. Who knows?

I got really angry too. Probably should have ditched the swear words and been a little less rude. But I agree with you 100%.

Look. The realness of the science of psychiatry is that there are hundreds of years of knowledge built upon itself. Taking in what’s good and trimming the fat, all along the way people arguing about what is right or not. That is how science works. That is how psychiatry works. That is how this guy works.

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I think it’s important to just see it for what it is. During one of my paranoid experiences years ago, I was convinced that the government was going to round everyone up into FEMA camps and kill us all. There was plenty of manipulative conspiracy theory material on the internet that fueled the fire while my mind was in that vulnerable state. Naturally I wanted to warn and protect everybody, and when people refused to try to save themselves (the way my mind perceived it at the time), oh boy did I become piping mad and intense out of sheer desperation and panic wanting to save them (wanting them to save themselves).

Point is I never had any ill intentions and never wanted to upset anybody, I wasn’t trying to be a crazy pain in the ass. And in that period of time, everything I encountered felt real to me, so even some shoddy fear-mongering youtube video was enough to send me into a frenzy.

To me the anti-psychiatry thing is pretty similar. I recognize the overall state of mind, probably because I’ve been there, only my experience was about the government and not psychiatrists.

So if anything I think it’s important to recognize that they’re one of us, they’re just one of us who happens to be in the midst of an obsessive delusion, and is probably feeling desperate to warn everybody. I think it’s good to have it all moderated and not allowed to run rampant spreading hyperbolic fear, but at the same time, I don’t think it’s anything to take personally.

Hopefully some day they can come down off the ledge, relax, start fresh with a new username and join the community.


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