I'm proud of myself

Made a cobb salad for dinner tonight. It was as good as any I’ve ever had in a restaurant. It will last a few days.


I like eating. Due to this interest I also enjoy food preparation and cooking. Combine those two things and your never disappointed when it comes to dinner. :slight_smile:


I like eating and cooking too. Cooking is a newly acquired interest for me. Only in the last two years. It has reaped wonderful rewards for me.


Sure, cooking really breaks up the monotony of basically eating the same meals over and over again. I try to make a habit of cooking some kind of stew or soup or casserole at least once a week.

I’m spoiled, I can’t just eat oatmeal or cold cereal every morning. I have to occasionally have hash browns, or waffles, or scrambles or a pork chop and eggs. And I can’t just open a can of soup or chili or have a hamburger every night anymore. I make some easy dishes that I download recipes from the internet though on occasion I do something fancier… And cooking is deceptively easy a lot of the time.

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I baked a banana pineapple cake. It was my mother’s recipe. She died a year ago today. She was a good cook and so am I.


I’m sorry about your loss but that cake might cheer you up. Sounds delicious.

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