I'm probably naive. Anyone else?

I was a pretty naive 19 year old. I was in my first psyche ward at that age. It was interesting. After a week and a half I was released directly into a world famous home for schizophrenics. There were about 6 or 7 clients there at any time over the course of a year that I spent there. It was co-ed. There was a REALLY cute girl there when I moved in with a fantastic body. I won’t get into that story though.

But I remember there was an older client there. He used to always talk about his father and the great conversations they had recently. Sadly, the counselors had to remind him frequently that his father had been dead for years but the guy never believed them. But after a month there, I learned this guy had been in prison for embezzlement. When I learned this I was scared and indignant and outraged. How could they let an ex-convict live in there? I went directly to the psychiatrist who ran the house and complained. Who did I think I was, lol?

Maybe I’m still naive. Yeah, probably. But I met some pretty hardcore people in my crack addiction. I know now how crazy life is and how people can be. I have to relearn stuff I knew before I got sick and how not everybody is nice. I’m still naive but like the assistant manger said to the head manager when we were on the elevator at the store I worked at 7 years ago, “Nick knows some stuff”.