I'm pretty sure I miscarried

I’m pretty sure I miscarried… Or something I’ve got mucus and water and my belly hurts… I told my mom about the mucus and she said it’s probably a miscarriage and not to worry about it and I’ll just have a large period

You need to go to the doctor.

Especially considering you think you’ve been pregnant since April.

A miscarriage at that stage requires medical attention.


@anon54386108 idk it looked kinda small more like it was 13 weeks or the mucus plug I still hurt a bit as I said

I’d still recommend going to the hospital.

You could need a D&C or something.

A miscarriage is not like a cold, you can’t just treat it at home.

Your health, your call,

But I would go if it were me.



People can die from this stuff


@anon54386108 @ninjastar if I feel any worse I’ll go

I hope you go to the hospital to be safe

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Better safe than sorry! I’m worried. You might feel fine now, but what if your condition worsens and you can’t get to the hospital in time? Or you require even more medical intervention because you waited too long?
Go now. Better safe than sorry.

I miscarried at about the same time you did. At about four months. I almost bled to death. I was rushed to the hospital and was put to sleep and they did a DNC. If your body cant expel the baby on its own that will happen. You don’t want to take chances. You’re to far along. If you dont go now, which you should. If you start bleeding really heavy please go.

@Lost1976 I haven’t started bleeding yet but I promise if I do start bleeding bad I’ll go

Good to hear. Thank you.

@Lost1976 @Pikasaur @ZmaGal @ninjastar @anon54386108 I haven’t started bleeding yet so I’m going to the doctor Monday or Tuesday

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Great! Glad to hear that.

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