I'm pretty sure I got the coronavirus

I feel very close to what I felt when I got the vaccine running a fever , really foggy, muscle aches and cramps but it’s really not that bad I think the vaccine still helped keep me from getting it real bad


Better get tested. I got tested recently at a drive through site. It is very easy and it should be free to you. It could be a flu or something too though. My test was negative.

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I think Im gonna cancel my covid test. Im being a bit of a hypochondriac, but my dad came back from his work travel feeling under the weather yesterday. He said that the common cold is widespread this year…symptoms of delta variant are different than the alpha one. You dont lose your sense of taste and smell. Its also more highly contagious. I dont even know if the PCR tests pick up the new variant.

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I got tested at a pharmacy drive thru.

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