I'm preparing myself for the winter time

Is anybody else preparing yourself for the winter time?


Today, I took a look at my snow shovel!

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The weather is still relatively mild Here, so I’m not yet in winter modus. I have a good coat in case I need it.

I washed my winter coats, a pair of gloves and a winter headband. I bought a pair of gloves. Looking for boots.

I bought a used winter coat which I’m going to wash. It has a detachable fur, and it’s made in Canada, so the fur is coyote. I feel kind of bad knowing what the trappers do to those poor animals. I should have checked it out before buying the jacket. At least it’s second hand so it’s not going to waste.

Yes… but mentally lol. Trying to sleep as much as possible to thwart the symptoms I’ll expect to have

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