I'm Pregnant Too!

Oh, wait. Sorry…my bad.

I’m just a dude with a fat gut. :unamused:


Congratulations on your food baby! :slight_smile:


I’m working on mine. Keeping it steady at about 3 months preg

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Actually, when Hon is pregnant she eats a lot more and prepares more food…so hubby gets fatter as well.

I think this a known fact, although I haven’t looked it up.


Me too. Well…look on the bright side. It’s better to have a fat gut than to be gutless :grin:

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How many kids you got?

Let’s derail this by making it political. Would you consider having an abortion?


Colon cleansing?

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It’s a false positive Patrick, don’t worry

We used to tease my Dad about being pregnant all the time. I think he had a secret admiration for the condition.

I’m forced to eat in a diet everyday even for breakfast its all lean meat even on my sandwich :sandwich:

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