I'm physically sick, and I don't know what to do

I’m thinking I might have a mild case of the flu. My body aches. My joints hurt. I got a flu vaccination, but you can still get a mild case of the flu if you’ve had a vaccination. I don’t have a fever, though, so maybe not. I do have some kind of nasty illness, though. My problem is that we’re going to town tommorrow, and there will be about 10 - 12 people crammed into our bus. If I go with them there’s a good chance I will give a few others my illness. We get our week’s groceries when we go to town, but I have a enough canned food set back that I can go a week without shopping for groceries. The canned foods aren’t nearly as tasty as the stuff I get at the grocery stores. Right now the thought of canned food seems kind of yucky to me.

Sorry you are sick! Can someone pick up your groceries for you if you don’t go?

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I doubt it, but I might ask. I could pay someone to do it.

I would hope someone could help you out!

Hope it’s just a brief illness and not an autoimmune thing.

It’s a pretty big chore shopping for a weeks groceries. Around here people like for you to pay them something for doing a chore. If you don’t do that pretty soon no one will do anything for you.

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One time a couple of guys and me moved three van loads of a woman’s possessions so she could move. It took the whole morning, and it was hot. She didn’t show us any appreciation. She didn’t buy us a pizza or give us any cookies and milk. We got nothing at all. So we’re not going to do anything for her if she needs our help again.


Sorry to hear that you are sick. Hope you feel better soon!

Thank you. I am feeling much better. I think the illness finally broke. I was kind of miserable for three days, and though I feel a few touches of illness, it’s pretty well over with.


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