Im paranoid about taking showers

Like it is one of the scariest experiences for me. Im always afraid there’s someone waiting outside for me thats gonna kill me or something. I think I’m completely alone with this lol

I could understand maybe if you were full of flees and a stinky poo why maybe,
someone might want to skin your hide,
but not when you’re sparkling clean and fresh from the shower.

What do you figure the motive might be for them to harm you?

…and you’re not alone in this by any means,
I’ve been hesitant about the shower a few times and went through some pretty creative phases to keep scrubbed clean,
but my reason weren’t about someone trying to do me harm.

I don’t know why I’m scared Im just really paranoid

You identified the symptom - paranoia. It’s a common sz symptom. Some meds don’t treat it that well, others do,

People don’t kill ( or hurt) others without a reason,
even if it’s purely a stupid one in only their head, and not based in facts.

Paranoia is simply a suspicion, more times than realized, based on ‘intuition’ - meaning you’re picking up on details, otherwise normally missed.
Paranoia can keeps us safe, and/or get us removed from others lives when it gets to the annoying stage.

think real hard,
Why would someone want to harm you?

If you can’t think of a very good reason,
then bury it it in the back yard under the avocado tree.


When I broke my arm in the shower I was afraid of falling again, but after a time and forcing myself through it, I overcame it. Try talking yourself into a shower by offering yourself a reward. It doesn’t have to be big.

I have trouble showering just because I hate being wet so much.

You are not alone. 1) I neglect showers. 2) I have a very similar fear when I am forced to take one.

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I love to take a shower ! It’s one of the few moments i have during the day where i can think clearly.