Im paranoid about my credit card disputes

I need your opinon, do you think i just be worried for disputing too many transaction at ounce. They never ask me about it.

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u shouldnt be worried if they are all for valid reasons

yea but they gave me credit no questions ask, they ask whats reason i gave them a reason and they gave me credit. but is 10 too many. its kind of suscipsious dont you think or im just thinking too much.

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if they think its suspicious you would know by now

I don’t understand your disputes. Do you think someone is using your card without your knowledge to make fraudulent purchases?

I’m not accusing you of anything but hopefully you’re not getting reimbursed for charges you made on purpose.

What are all these fraudulent purchases? And if someone is consistently using your card to make illegal charges than deal with it.

Years ago my housemate made several fraudulent charges on my credit card. My credit card company had a fraud department and I worked with them to get reimbursed and then it was up to them afterwards to take legal action against the guy. That’s what fraud departments do. Don’t just let someone consistently make fraudulent charges on your credit card. Tell the credit card company and they will probably close the account and open a new, safe secure credit card account. If the problem is fraudulent sellers on Amazon or somewhere else, go to the main source and report it. The goal is to stop these illegal transactions for good.


No fraud, some clothes were way too small say were large but size was not large way too small, and supplements taste expired thats all.

You’re supposed to return items that don’t fit to the seller and get reimbursed by them. If someone charges something to your card and it wasn’t you who did it, then that’s when you dispute charges

i contacted the seller but never responded thats what i told my credited card company, they accepted that response reimbursed the credit idk it work.

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Oh ok. So long as you contacted the seller.

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yea i got piss, never responded so i had idea maybe i can get my money back with my credit card company it work.

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I’m glad the credit card company helped you out

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yea there great, some cases take while but some immediate.

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