I'm out of there

Just got out of the psych ward. I have been there since Monday night. Only a short stay; needed some meds tweaked. Was having commanding demons telling me to sacrifice myself to save a friends life, but I still had insight so I kinda knew it wasn’t real. After they increased my meds the voices went away, still kinda feel like the demons are out there though.

Also a fellow patient really helped me out with copeing with the ghosts of my grand parents that live in my house, that are emotionally abusive to me. She told me to tell them “move on this is no longer your home, and thank you for visiting me, your only unhappy because you’re still here”. This really helped because even though I recognize that the ghosts are only part of my disorder it still appeased the delusional side of my mind.


I’m glad you’re feeling a little better since the hospital stay! It’s nice to meet you.

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Thank you! its nice to meet you too!

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These aren’t the definitive articles on the subject, I just picked the articles that were short, simple, and understandable. But these will give you an idea of how you, or people around you, can help when it comes to relapses.

Thank you for the articles. I found them helpful and easy to understand. I seen this break coming just didn’t do anything about it until it got worse.

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Good on you for having insight. That’s something I am still working on. :thumbsup:

I was lucky and always had atleast a sliver of insight.

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Wow that signs of relapse article hit the nail on the head. I can SO relate to it! Thanks Nick!

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Thank you, Nick!

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Welcome back Raven. It’s good you went to ER.
I hope your grandparents leave you alone now.

You can write down a crisis plan for yourself. And then give it to people close to you. You write down your early signs and how people close to you need to act and react.

I have my plan on the fridge with magnets. Family can read it anytime to refreshen memory or if I start acting strange, they know what to do.

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