I'm out of the hospital!

Hey I’m out of the hospital.

hah just kidding I never even went.

uhh… Just letting everyone know that I’m OK.

Yeah I don’t even care about the stalking and cyber stalking anymore. It’s pretty stupid. w/e.

Call me if you want to hang out or play FF.


Life’s good holmes take it easy.

So it went away, your symptoms? How did you manage to bring yourself back? Glad its better…

last time i was in the joint was about september 2010 :confused:

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Who the heck cares!!! You gotta just enjoy the ride.

Thanks for praying for me daydreamer.

If you felt like praying for me more then please be my guest.

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This was actually my first time posting on an internet forum. I actually knew it was a bad idea from the start- but I posted anyway. Now I’m certain that internet forums are full of complete bs.

Anyway no hard feelings to anyone that actually took me seriously. Especially about schizophrenia- what the heck am I gonna do re-write the DSM-V?

I’ll be playing FF now. Join me if you wanna get bouncerpwnu. Or maybe I’ll just pass out fishing after like 5 min. =)


Don’t rip the plastic.

I know how it is holmes.

Florida-Georgia line Brow.

Glad your back buddy :sunny:

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:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

yep yep.

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Hey daydreamer,

Next time you play billiards put some English on it for me O.K.?


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i’m not blackballing you lol

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