I'm out of Atkins/ketogenic diet food 😣

I misjudged how much food I’d need. I’m getting them to deliver more tomorrow instead of Monday. But I might have to just eat carbs until then. :rice:

I intend to be on it for a year, but this was a stoopid mistake and a bad start.

Good luck with the Ketogenic diet @everhopeful.
I went on a Ketogenic diet while I was on Abilify and I managed to lose over 50 pounds.
Unfortunately I don’t have the discipline and determination to stick with such a strict diet today.

:fearful: Wow. It would be great if I could lose that! It’s definetely not an easy diet.

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No it’s not an easy diet but with the proper planning it’s a doable diet.


You can not just go to a small store to buy some stuff :flushed:

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I’d have to get a taxi :taxi: and I can’t be bothered with the expense or hassle… I’ll just plan a bit better in future.

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