I'm only dull because

Even duller, jealous people have always interfered in my life. And I’ve never done the other thing, they lie about. I just went out with a liar and paid for more things than he did.

Who is saying what about you?

Just people who harass me around town.

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Are you sure they’re lying about you? It doesn’t matter what they think if they don’t like you

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I know and I really don’t care, but they do make my life more difficult.

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I don’t think it is fair to call anyone dull. If there is any love at all, people would not use such a horrible criticism.
With all the problems I can’t be exciting to everyone.



Being Dull. Being Like A Single Blade Of Grass On The Greenest Of Well Cured Lawns.

Where No one Sees The Sparkle Of The Morning Dew. The Droplets From The Lazy Moon.

Swiftly In The Morning The Tiniest Of Insects Laugh As The People Awake With Their Coffee’s And Watch The Warmth of The Sunlight Beam Through The Blinds. The Grass Smiles.

Did You Know Dear Reader That:::~ When You Cut The Grass, It Recoils As It’s Being Cut.



So Don’t Feel So Dull & Hurt.

For Even Our Grass Feels Pain In The Heart.

Something To Think About Indeed. . . . . . .

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