I'm on vacation right now

And nothing feels joyful. Nothing.

Travelling is tiring. It hurts and I’m tired. And I talked with my family today and found out my brother is embarrassed because I’m disabled. My mom said I would have to just comprehend this as a normal response and I have to deal with it.

At least the view is nice…

Not a normal response by any standards.
Saddened yes. Overprotective maybe. But definitely not embarrassed or ashamed as if you were guilty of being sick.

My mom said his gf might refuse to marry him because I’m disabled. I don’t want that to happen.

I’m sorry you are not enjoying your vacation.

Also sorry your brother clearly misunderstands your situation.

Hope you start feeling better soon.

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Wow. That’s awful. Do you ever talk to her? Maybe if she gets to know you better it’ll help. I’m not sure, but I’d try it. I’m so sorry your life is so difficult.

that really sucks… does she ever talk to you?

I have never met her. But this is in the future and I just discussed this with my parents…

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ah yea… maybe when she meets you she’ll feel totally different.