I'm on a weeks contract but my old job has asked me to come back for three weeks

But I feel they don’t want me to go back. I’m supposed to be going there for three weeks contract. Why would they want me back? They kicked me out the first time.

Be thankful for a job because they’re hard to come by, especially a job that you really truly enjoy.

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The only thing I can think is while your on contract, you might be costing them less. So they get rid of you when they have to pay you a competitive wage, but would love to have you back when you’re not making that higher wage.

Plus, you already know the job so they don’t have to spend anytime training you.

That is just my hunch.


Well, you have experience there. Maybe they have a job for you that only you can do. Maybe they have a project that needs to be immediately taken care of and they don’t have time to train someone else to do it. I would just go and make some extra money. I told my dad once about how hard and complicated a job was that I had and I didn’t want to do it. It was supposed to last two months. He told me," I can do any job there is for just two months".

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Hi @anon80629714 This is a good news type situation it seems. You are needed and wanted for whatever reason by them

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