I'm on a strict diet

I haven’t ate anything in two weeks…


I’m eating only grape nuts and oatmeal for all my meals because I don’t cook and the cook of the house has left for 4 months or so.
I tried making fried eggs but the eggs were expired already…blerg

I’m on a strict calorie restriction diet. I purposely keep my calories restricted to keep my weight down. I track my calories on www.MyFitnessPal.com I never drink my calories. I drink only plain tap water, plain black coffee and tea without additives and minimal to no alcohol. I exercise everyday at activities that I love for 75- 90 minutes a day. My BMI is within normal limits and has stayed that way for the last two years. I indulge in a small, rich dessert with dinner most everyday.


the diet of diets


I get so lightheaded and my body tells me to eat because I forget. (My memory is getting bad and I’m only 27)
I then try to find something.

I really hope not. If so that sounds like an eating disorder and you need serious help. You could die…

i think the word “diet” is a contraction of the phrase “die from it.” be wary… o_0 But honestly, congrats on that, bud. i can’t even go through one day without food. not eating, for 2 weeks, takes a lot of skill!

avert your eyes, pedro.