I'm on a new med. Bromazepan. An update

I told my pdoc about my recent problems. She said in the winter all of her patients have some issues cause of the changes or whatever.

I ask for something for anxiety and she said the only thing she will prescribe is a benzo. I said no to Xanax so she gave me bromazepan.

She said something about a antidepressant which might help but I didn’t ask to prescribe me. She would have prescribed to me if I would have said. Eeh, what you gonna do… Maybe next time I’ll ask.

I’m not depressed but I have depressed thinking, if that makes sense. I got my paycheck today… Yohoo lol… I’m going to the store to buy some food.
Love you always



I’m in the exact same boat. I’m coming apart at the seams. It’s just a December thing. I too have been prescribed a few benzos for when it gets really bad. Best of luck @anon92220549 .

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it’s cold, but in January sun closest to the earth

I know cuz my plants love it

they sell those cheap salt lamps at WalMart?

Something about darkness and coldness with the weather. Heat sucks too.

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I’m making chicken breast filled with cheese and sour cream in the oven… A recipe I think I invented… 40-60 more minutes more…

I am having a urge to take another benzo… Damn, I knew benzos were a bad idea… Gotta be strong this month