I'm officially a volunteer!

i’m pretty excited about getting through the two hour training to be a volunteer dog walker. turns out the second hour was your first “shift” so it wasn’t sitting for two full hours–thankfully. i walked a lovely husky mix and a small terrier mix for thirty minutes each.

the first hour wasn’t all sitting either. more walking around and learning about their charts and what leads to use and which dogs we are permitted to take out, etc.

i do feel a bit like i’m cheating on my own dog by walking others, but i’m, ostensibly, interacting with other people who aren’t in day programme so that’ll be positive.

i’d posted a thread about trying to find volunteer work and don’t know where that went, but i did and so cheers to all who were supportive/helpful and i’m hoping i can keep up with doing this. i only have to do a shift every other week, though they’d like once weekly and so would i …i’m better with an established routine, though i’m not a fan of admitting that. i haven’t done anything outside of day programmes and other mental health related crap in years, so bit of a huge step for me…

best wishes to all.



thats excellent :thumbsup:

well done, :slight_smile:

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good for you…congratulations !!!

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Sounds like a good job to me. Good luck.

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good on you.
take care

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Great! I’m glad you’re doing it. You’ll get exercise too.

I passed by the puppy cages by the road a few weeks ago. I saw this cute Shitzu puppy. I really wanted her, but I won’t get a dog until I move out. I can’t afford one right now, because I have 3 cats of mine and 2 that are my mom’s. I’m thinking of leaving them with her, because this area is safer than the city.

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Woo hoo! Great job @etre. Hey doesn’t that mean “to be” in French? Have fun with all those pups.

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yes, i’m a runner anyway and they said with the more active dogs i could take them for runs. i have to watch out and not get too much exercise myself though or i’ll be overthin and medical people dislike that. (i’m still waiting for the huge weight gain zyprexa causes others. i suspect the haldol cancels it out. but probably not. i’ve been on/off meds for decades, so i think i just have a fast metabolism still.)

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yes, that is what it means. and what i’m attempting to do. ; )

thank you!

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thank you everyone for the well wishes!