Im obsessed

I just realized I am obsessed with my frog and lizard.



That’s good I think. That means they’ll be treated well !


nice haha :joy::joy::joy:

if you think thats bad i have 1 snail and 4 plants in my fish tank haha :slight_smile:


I’m really not that attached to the pets in our household, I guess if I had a dog it would be different cos they get so happy around you.


Your a good Mom @cbbrown :smile:


I think it’s very therapeutic to be able to nurture ur motherly nature onto something, particularly if u wont/ don’t/can’t do children. It makes u feel more fulfilled.

I know I am afraid to have children. My partner said once she finishes nursing school and gets a better job away from the nursing home and her family too that she wants to try. She wants me to carry the baby because she cant get pregnant. I dont want to pass on my family illnesses.

On a lighter note I know I invest a lot of time into all the pets even ones that aren’t mine. They don’t deserve to be neglected just because their owners suck


Yea I’m the same I don’t want to pass anything on possibly. Is ur partner understanding that you don’t want to pass anything on possibly?

Yea animals don’t have the ability to speak up for themselves yet they do have feelings. It’s one of the worst things to see innocent animals being maltreated especially when u hear their squeals of pain etc.

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I’ve told her but she brought my grandpa having sz and only passing it to 2 of his 9 children one being my dad. I think she understands so she seems to have dropped it for now.

When I do something wrong they always threatening to get rid of the animals. Then make me feel guilty saying it would upset their little girl.

That’s mean! You are the one resposnible for them so how can they say that. :frowning:

I don’t quite follow…

They say their younger daughter who the animals were gotten for would be sad if they got rid of the animals.

I don’t like that they involve ur ‘wrongdoing’ in the girls happiness. That seems unfair.

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I am obsessed with my boyfriend, having him is enough and he makes me happy like nobody else. Am I crazy?

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I love animals too. Always have. My sister’s Mastiff is the sweetest gentle giant in the world. I just love him. :slight_smile:

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I understand, my partner is so understanding. I talk about frogs and lizards constantly and she rarely tells me to quit. A few times she has but not often.

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