I'm Number One Challlenge you to find one better

Nobody puts me in the corner. You think mods let you get away with s -hit, never me.

i kow tow as much as i can, i think i’m just a big personality and people cant handle that

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Feisty tonight? You can pick a fight with me. I’m just sitting around getting bored.

Why does @ Mr. Squirrel gotta attack me.

I won’t tell you anything just I’m Number one.

@Daze this is your warning. I don’t want to suspend you, because I know your feelings are very hurt, but you have to stop making personal attacks. If someone attacks you, please just flag it so we can respond. If you don’t flag it, chances are we won’t see it.

It was already flagged @ninjastar

Well, no doubt you’re better than me about a lot of things but that’s due a lot to our age difference. And, there, well at least I can claim seniority. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I bet @velociraptor threw a flag he gets away with murder. So silly. Going to Facebook for awhile see you later.

I’m looking through the flag records and the only time that user was flagged this week was as a joke when he said rap wasn’t legitimate music.

Why is it so important to be #1 in a forum?

I had a Gemini counselor once, and he knew a bit about astrology.

I asked him why Gemini was the one sign that could out scorp a Scorpio. His answer? It is harder to hit a moving target.

Hiya @Daze
Of course you are Number One. I’m sure you do well in a lot of things.
We are, in a way, Number Ones.
I honestly don’t know what happened overnight when I was sleeping, but I hope you are doing ok. You are certainly not in the corner and you will never be.
Blessings :love_letter:

Speaking of Number One, you’ll have to excuse me while I take a bathroom break. All this tension and all the soda…


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