Im numb to all those who have gone before me

was the thought i was having last night. like sometimes my natural senses are not that good. i feel like i should be able to go outside and feel all the generations that have walked on that piece of earth before i did. but i don’t feel them and the place seems dulls, then i smoke a cigarette instead.

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Sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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Those Who Have Gone Before You As Your Topic Title Mentions. . .

Those Who Have Led The Way. Made Your Current Reality Possible.

Whether Good Or Bad, It’s A Gift Given From The Choices They Made. . .

Giving You The Opportunity To Make Your Own Choices. . .

Hope, True Love, Honesty, Joy, And Eternal Peace!.


There was some good satire on this from The Onion.

About those who were starving and freezing crossing the land bridge(Bering strait), so that their heirs could have ‘Netflix and Chill’ nights.

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I respect our ancestors. They left us behind.


i was feelling like im off the path i need to be on. shouldn’t i be able to feel my ancestors? i’ve been deadened now on meds. in the past i used to think i could feel them and knowing when i was walking on holy ground, but that was deemed psychosis.

As a Korean, I think it’s an honour to remember my ancestors.

We often have rites to remember them. It’s just that I can’t go to Daejeon every year for the rite.

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