I'm now a virtual volunteer

Be an Advocate. Fight Poverty.

I’ll be doing activism now, and for most of this year.

fighting to end

Systemic Racism
Systemic Poverty
Ecological Devastation
Changing the Dialogue of Religious Nationalism
Creating a Moral Imperative
Taking a Socio-Psychological Approach
Limited Opportunity



We have that problem in my country, extremists who call themselves “patriot” and “christian”, but they discriminate against anyone who doesn’t comply with their narrow views of how society is supposed to function. Disgusting.

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Right. It’s always a denial of some sort.

Trump has even said the poor have it pretty good.

and he always says there is no racism.


I never take that man seriously.
I wonder if he ever listens to his advisers.

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There are also ‘Economic Evictions’ going on.

Landlords continually raising the rent each year until it becomes unaffordable for tenants and they are forced to move out/ downsize.

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In France the law protects tenants to the point that it is nearly impossible for landlords to evict a bad payer. Therefore, house owners ask for an extensive list of documents proving that the future tenant is solvent.


I have done this kind of work. I used to phone bank for the ACLU. I might get involved again for the US election this year.


Very good @Daze. I do what i can to fight the good fight. Usually that is hand out how to vote cards at our elections. We have compulsory elections here so everyone has to vote and it’s important with preference voting to give people an idea. Always good helping out the left even if it is rather weak these days. More power to you.