I'm not well

I fasted too long for religiius reason/health reasons and had a psychotic break----that was July 2007, I was 27…life has been a struggle ever since----I know I am emotional…I just can’t stand this…don’t know what to do…medication only does so much for me…I wish I knew what to do.


Normal fasting doesn’t cause psychosis.
I used to fast for 2 days and never had psychosis at the time. Weed made me temporarily psychotic before my diagnosis.

For how long did you fast?

I would fast for 5 days…sometimes 10 days at a time.

I did this for a while…one day I had a psychotic break.

Not eating at all for 5-10 days is bad but it would cause other issues, not sure about psychosis.

I did it a lot…I guess it doesn’t matter…I can’t stand how I feel.

Regardless of the cause of your psychosis, I’m sure it’s really hard on you. My meds don’t take away my supposed delusions either

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