I'm not well


Very irritable. I’m exhausted and I want to cry but I cant. Have a holiday to go to but don’t want to go. I feel like crap.


Try to have a lot of you time for awhile. Spoil yourself a bit. One thing you girls tend to neglect is all the girly things that will make you feel good ie get a new hairdo, have long bubble baths, manicures and pedicures etc. Most things like the hairdo and manicures and pedicures you can get a friend or family member to help to save money, if need be.


That’s how I felt today. kept on hearing someone tell me to keep laying down until I just fought back and finally got out of bed at 1 pm. all day I have intruding thoughts. I called my clinic and I see the pdoc again next week to up my meds. hope everything works out for you.


The holidays can be tough on a lot of us. Take it as easy as you can. Try not to get negative about the holidays.


i’m sending you all the positive energy i can muster.
you have earn’t a bunny hug :rabbit:
your mood will pass, know some one cares.
take care :alien: