I'm not used to being loved

I make people angry in spite of myself.

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I think I’ve only been loved once, so I’m not used to it either.

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i’m lucky that my parents and siblings love me… otherwise it would be lonely

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Sorry to hear that chordy

I had a delusion that everyone loved me, and then one time I was walking, and I could feel the love turn in a split second to intense seething hate

It was terrifying, but still better than indifference. At least if theyre angry they care somewhat


I agree about anger unless it’s a temper tantrum. Then, I think, there is no caring.

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I do this too. When things feel too good, I run. I always think it’s a sick prank.

Yeah I think youre right. Temper tantrums imply selfishness, its about them not you

Do you feel loved right now and not used to it or do you feel unloved?

I’m not emotional right now. I am still studying the “for love or money” issue.

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The only 2 people who truly loved me are gone now.
My Mother and Grandmother on my Mother’s side.

My father loves me but a lot of it is conditional.

I’m pretty sure my brother has a deep seated resentment against me.

It’s hard for me to open up to love when it is presented. It’s an identity thing. I’m not one to be loved or to be loving.

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