I'm Not the Only Loner In My Family Now

It used to seem like that I was the only one in my family without a partner and it really bothered me. Now my Mom, one of my brothers, and one of my Uncles are also alone and it looks unlikely to change. My Mom went through a divorce, my brother broke up with his girlfriend, is still mad at her, and appears happy to be alone, and my Uncle’s girlfriend told him years ago that she didn’t love him any more. My brother tells me I’m lucky for never having a partner. I had trouble believing that he would say that at first but soon realized I was getting comfortable being on my own as well. My twin is one of the oddballs with a wife and kids. Family time is a lot different now and I don’t feel so out of place any more. I do find it interesting though when I meet someone who just doesn’t care about my main objection to having a partner which is having little to no money. Perhaps when one of those relationships is successful you just may find true love there. I also think something like the relationship between former President HW Bush and Barbara which has lasted well beyond the youth has faded is also true love. It’s obviously difficult to find. I hope my twin and his wife make it quite frankly but if they don’t me and my brothers can have a nice card game together and complain about women.

I have never had a relationship with a girl. Im 39 now bit im comfortable about it.