I'm not the gr8test (dr.zen)

Tell me what it is and how it works…

I sar it in a dream @_@

Electro-static charges reside on the lamina of charged objects. In other words that thing up top looks like a dissipation array.

and the thing on the left… the resistor… indicates a place for circuitry to be installed.

other than that it seems like some half-baked kook’s quarkery…

ah thanks man…

this doesn’t have anything to do with quarks though. Much to do with fermions and evacuated containers.

I’ll give you an A for effort

it does nothing. It’s a basic circuit, 2 cells with a resistance, and 3 op amps that go nowhere.

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What would happen if you put protium (hydrogen stripped of electrons) in an electrically insulated and evacuated box?

don’t know! sounds dangerous though.

I know I’m browning it up again…

but I’ve been pondering that lately.

i mean in open air it’d just pull down enough ions to balance the charge.

but put that in another enclosed vacuum with enough space that the field strength tapers off…

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Looks like a flux capacitor to me. All you need is 88 gigawatts!


ah I’ll have to put it in that watch I was designing.

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1.21 gigawatts… At 88 miles per hour…

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…Protium has an electron… If you were to take it away you would have a proton or an h+ ion. Still technically hydrogen though. If you deprive it of electrons then i guess you just have a weird cloud of slightly more reactive hydrogen in a box.

well you super excite the electron with a laser and then have an electro magnet to gather the h+ ions…

it’s a high amount of energy to invest. but once physically isolated the protons would generate a postive magnetic field in all direction… like a positive well for things in the environment to be attracted to.

The math is out there to calculate the energy required but I’m not there yet. Gotta run it by someone first…

and get a rig set up to make synthetic diamonds… light goes through but little electron mobility… hmmm

now that I think about it… the carbon lattice would probably get robbed of its electrons… hmmm wait the protons would push away from each other so there wouldn’t be any gang banging… but uh its all a matter of the “inclination” of the electrons to take to the 1st position versus the 6th… it would be a stable contraption if the inclination to take to the 6th is equal or higher…

Umm…H+ ions are made all the time. With certain catalysts it doesnt take as much energy as you’d think. Bodies pass protons all the time with atp. And its common to use h+ ions to make chemicals more acidic.

I think your missing what I’m trying to do.

H+ h20 and h30+ are formed in water all the time… a high enough powered magnetic field would separate them…

but I’m trying to isolate them physically. a ton of h+ atoms to create a single pole magnet…

its just an exploratory exercise

To me, it’s 3 drinks set up on top of 2 television sets.
I excelled in physics, but that was more than 50 years ago.
I forgot to mention - cute spelling!

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ah now I just need some wine and a couple friends… then we can drink and watch tv

Reminds me of my circuit diagrams for physics ;_; me no likey

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good to see you around anna!

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Looks like something I ripped out of a camera once and shocked myself with. Oh what horrid but fabulous pain it was!