I'm not sure my first published book is alright for kids

I was hesitant when a mother bought her about 11 year old daughter my book

But maybe times have changed

I’ve done lots of children’s work more suited.


It’s a parent’s choice what they want their kids to read. I read some wild stuff at that age, and I turned out okay.


Yeah. I’m sure my book was an eye opener!

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It’s great that you got a book published, Daze! As for the children - they are exposed to so much more than kids of previous generations. I don’t know how it affects them.


Did you write a children’s book? When my daughter was little I was careful about what she could read but now that she’s an adult she does what she wants. She wasn’t allowed to watch horror movies either but she’d sneak next door to her best friends house and watch them there. So what can you do?

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My sister and brother in law were keeping guns away from my four year old nephew. When he started nibbling his crackers into the shape of a gun they decided maybe he would be less obsessed with guns if they let him play with them.

That’s fu-ck-ed! Whatever.

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Idk what your book is about but I was cybering by the age of 13 without my mom knowing (she still don’t know that little fact) at about age 16 she got me a romance novel kids are exposed to things if you like it or not you might as well talk to them about it before they find out about it on their own

I read my mom’s psychology books when I was eight…

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