I'm not short, I'm just vertically challenged

I used to be a little over six feet. I lost 1/2 inch in height this year. Oh well.


You’re shrinking down to my height! I’m 5’11"

Yeah, I’m disappearing.

Before you know it you’ll be down to my height at 4ft 10" :smile:!

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do you remember where you left the 1/2 inch, it could be in ’ lost and found '.
or maybe it could be hiding out with the missing socks…
" hello, is this watson ? "
" yes, i am dr. watson "
" i need sherlock holmes !! "
" prey sir , what is the matter in question ? "
" someone i know has lost 1/2 inch in height !! "
" my word ! holmes and i will be on the case straight away "

take care

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Elementary, my dear Watson. I actually didn’t lose it; someone stole it.

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Actually it’s called 'settling" like a house that slowly settles and sinks into the ground…LOL… j/k

Doing pull ups or lat pull downs can increase height if you do them regularly.

Not just them saying it…I grew over an inch and a half in my mid 20s to early 30s doing that

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