Im not right

its been 18 months since I came out of hospital. I still don’t feel right but I am better in many ways.really have to take it a day at a time. Lot anxiety.heres hoping for the next month or two.sometimes it feels like one step forward and two back.


I hear you @pat1 mental health issues can really get us down. I am glad to see you mention the word “hoping”…there’s always hope if you just look hard enough. good luck.

cover the basics exersize eating healthily socialising and be kind to yourself taking one day at a time is a great attitude get a pad and paper and weiting or doddling is good for you too stay positive tc

Maybe your med’s aren’t right. Maybe you could work with them. Stay on this site. People here care about you.

thanks for your replies.i don’t know whether to up my meds.i think I can get through this without upping them…have started keeping a record of how well I am each day.the weather isn’t great and that contributes a bit I think.just take it one day at a time.

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