Im not prey anymore

Fighting nature is stupid.

I have my life force back. Bring upholstery. In all seriousness, we are one. We are alive.


What mortimer are you?

Not quite sure if I’m understanding this post. But I like it.

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I think that’s something I have to beat into my head too

Mortimer Mouse?
Is that you?
AKA @AmateurUnlicensedQuack

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Glad to see you back bro.

We aren’t fodder that’s for sure.

The part of me that’s angry about all of this being my new reality still… it’s hard to shrug off all the time so when I crack and just let the thoughts flow…

It’s like holy crap… these people don’t even know! and otherwise if they do… as in if it were real… they ain’t got any chance in hell aside from bowing to the high functioning schizophrenics for their capacity to wade through all this ■■■■ and still out perform the lot of them.

The only upper hand they ever get is when this ■■■■■■■■ has us sold short on thinking we’re gonna lose. Confidence… blind confidence in the face of all the potential baggage that’d be dropped on us… ha… other than that… the battle for vengeance can settle itself in the mind. Welp these folks are obviously fighting life in the child’s play arena and I got the literal devil breathing down my back reminding me I better do what’s best.