I'm not going to see him again

I’ve just got to accept it. I’m not made for casual relationships.

What’s up ish? Were things moving too fast?

Actually, now I’m kinda jealous. His looks bigger than mine!

What? I’m talking about the bowtie!!



He kinda looks like Nicolas Cage :neutral_face:

So does this guy

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I don’t understand…haha…I post a dirty joke and almost get banned and @Patrick can post a graphic picture of a love doll and get away with it…haha…no offense Patrick…it was funny…but daymmmn.

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The inflatable dude looks like SzAdmin!!!


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Everyone has a little Nicholas Cage inside.

Then you need to be open and say that!

Oh and I thought you’d have a real doll @Patrick

It felt like it was too good to be true. We talk a lot and he seems super patient. I guess I was just having a bad day.

Maybe your too cautious about what is going to happen.Just take safety precaution,your not doing anything wrong at all…

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