I'm not going to rule sex out, there's billions of people of all shapes, weights, and looks all over the world who have sex regularly

I see people claiming they’re asexual, or don’t like sex or think it’s disgusting and I’m not judging. Personally at age 58 and being just average looking. I was thinking, man, maybe these asexual’s have a point. Maybe I should throw in the towel and make a decision to give up on ever having sex again.

Because what’s the big deal about it anyways? It’s hard to get (I’m single), and takes a lot of effort and only lasts 10 minutes to an hour anyways so why bother? But I just can’t quit. I’m 58 but I still get that rush, even at my age, when a woman flirts a little with me or some gorgeous woman in a supermarket knows I’m checking her out and she smiles.

Or like after work last week, a cute, just really nice woman soldier gave me the friendliest look. Hey, I’m no prize but there’s literally millions of people around the world at any given moment who are having sex. Like my title says, looks are a big help but they are not mandatory for getting sex.

Just the law of averages says everybody will get laid sometime. And I haven’t had it in years but the other day at work this woman who is kind of my boss, smiled at me and seductively said “Hiiii Nickkkk.” My first thought was that she was teasing me and being mean. But when I got outside to my car a little part of me wondered, " Hey, most guys would not find her attractive but I sure do. Maybe there’s a one in a million shot that she realized I was attracted to her and she was being nice." It happens.

But it ain’t important if she didn’t like me, at least I got that tingly rush of excitement and I’m happy for it. IDK. Just my thoughts on sex. And I just realized I should say that I’m not just looking for a one night stand. I’m not opposed to it, but there’s several woman at work my age who I am friendly with so I wouldn’t be opposed for some kind of fling that might last awhile.


never too late nick, life in the old dog yet,

i was called a bit of a dark horse recently idk if you know the term but it implies i am a bit of a ladies man lol

That’s not what calling someone a “dark horse” means…



i got her meaning but it is hard to describe, she said it about my gf and i, it was well intended and jokey

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Don’t sell yourself short. Just because you have schizophrenia doesn’t mean you can’t have a happy life. Enjoy being who you are. If you see someone who might like you back, that is awesome!


Yes, thanks @anon78876561, I have pretty much thought the same thing.

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Yah, enjoy life at any age. You’ve got alot to offer, like your upbeat sense of humor. Many would find that an attractive quality.


Man, I get that feeling Somethimes. You should use it before you loose it.

I often complain that I’ma be single forever, but my psychiatrist, psycholog, sister, neighbor, mother they all laugh and tel me that my time will come.

I guess I give out that vibe of a good guy down to earth who will be a father one day. I guess, recently a girl told me I remind her of her father.

I really don’t understand women, some girl told me I understand her like nowone dose but that’s a far place to be until sex.

I’m in my early twenties and I sometimes want it badd but it usually passes quickly.

There’s some girls who I think like me but I dont feel like I would go to all the trouble for some sex because I would be fake. I don tlike them, I wait for someone who I cal feel something for and who turns my stick into a wood with just a look


does it count if i ‘pay to play?’ sure, i’d like to meet someone and have it be organic but i work and can afford it. and you don’t have to worry about calling them the next day.

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Yeah, they will be the ones who ring you up and say, “Oh, it slipped my mind last night but I have herpes”. lol.

Why dont you ask them out?

Who says I didn’t?

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I have schizophrenia, I’m not ambitious, I couldn’t feel pleasure for years, I still have schizophrenia :sweat_smile:

Nobody is getting laid…I think that’s a lie. It’s a power thing. If you can’t feel pleasure, or are scared, you can’t have sex.

I self satisfy, I look at pornography, I’m a virgin. Even looking at that stuff didn’t mean anything for years.

I’m a young 23 year old guy. I may die a virgin. That is OKAY! That is just fine actually.

Nobody’s getting off, it’s all an affected performance and a lie.

So, be happy. I have a friend who’s 25 who has multiple sclerosis. That means he’s eventually gonna be in a wheelchair.

He’s a young handsome guy, he might be chosen, he might be friends with ladies.

On a note, enjoy the sunrise. That’s something you can do which other folk with sz cant.

So on the one hand, you’ve got “sex” and on the other “not-fear” … schizophrenia is actually schizophrenia.

Beverly hills 90210 is all a lie.

Do you mean no schizophrenics? Because people on here have sex with partners. Some people on here date and have sex.

No offense but occasionally you are guilty of black & white, all or nothing thinking.

That should not be your highest aspiration in life.

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read some of the OP, Anybody could get laid if they want. I think for some people its more complicated than others. More so in females than males in general…Some people want love after the sex. Some people want benefits, nowdays there is partnership and not real relationships in the U.S. Ive been out of the scene for a bit, but I sorta know what I want. There are people who are high maintainence, and there are people who are just personally in it for themselves. Anybody really can have sex, prostitution is the oldest job supposably. I personally am not too fond of it, but yea. I kinda know what u mean by going out and meeting and sorta getting that “rush”.

Nice post Nick. You’ve given this some thought and I’m not being sarcastic. I enjoyed reading it. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded that no matter what happens or what’s going on we all have needs whether physical or emotional no matter how long you’ve been vertical.

Thank you.



May thy 77nicketh77 be hitting iteth. - Schizophrenia.com post 16 : thread I’m not going to rule out sex

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It isn’t. My highest asperation is to find a gas station that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg for gas so I don’t have to sell my soul to the devil to be able to afford a half tank of gas.

I hope you get lucky. And I hope you have an understanding with a future partner on where you want to take the relationship and what’s in and what’s out.

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