I'm not getting along with a black woman in our house

I guess it’s just easier with my own kind. Even if it’s only a color difference.

Your better than this @chordy.

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So, you’re not black, @chordy? I’m teasing… I’m not sure if the colour of her skin is worth mentioning? You don’t get along with a woman who maybe is an unpleasant person. Or maybe you’re just not compatible.
I’m not trying to correct you, honestly, but I just think there’s more to the situation. :heart:

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Sure there’s more to it. She’s the most severely withdrawn of all the residents. Damn hard to get to. She lives in her own world and it’s frustrating to keep myself from tearing down her defenses. She got under my skin and now I wish I didn’t know her.

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My advice is to try to keep things on an even keel. Try not to let your hostility blossom into open aggression. Remember, she has rights too. Just avoid her if you don’t like her.


sorry @chordy some people who are white make me feel the same way. so I do not get well with my own kind at all. Hope you can ignore her…

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Are you raciest? We all bleed the same

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Why do you have to “get to” her? I like you, @chordy, but if I were this woman I would want you to stay away from me.

She overdoes the cleaning bug and stinks up the whole house with Pinesol. We live in close quarters here so it’s impossible to avoid each other.

Sometimes I have problems with people. Sometimes I have problems with people because they are schizophrenic and clueless.

Years back, we had a Halloween party for the mentally ill. Because of the beautiful hardwood floor, none of us were allowed to wear shoes.

There was a punch bowl in the kitchen that was nothing but apple cider. The cider bowl sat on a kitchen table.

When the punch bowl got low, we were supposed to go to the frig, take out a gallon of cider, and pour it into the punch bowl.

I saw this schizophrenic empty a gallon of cider into the bowl from three feet above the bowl. About half the cider splashed onto the floor. And I was in stocking feet!

That guy didn’t have a clue. It seemed like a schizophrenic outcome.



Well, I wouldn’t be able to live in a group setting. (Not since I was a kid with 6 siblings) I get annoyed at other people.
I’m not surprised there’s someone who particularly annoys you. The pine sol thing would be an issue for me. My husband uses that too and it bothers me. I’ve asked him to please rinse it so the smell isn’t so strong.
Anyway, good luck with this woman, @chordy. I don’t think her being black has anything to do with it, and I hope you can find a way to tolerate her.

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Thanks, Hedge. I come from the sensitive age of blooming black rights and am a little leery of being myself with blacks because if you had an open argument with one, there was likely to be the holler “discrimination”.

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I get that. I think things are a little precarious now.
I was always kind of oblivious about what was going on with people/society growing up. I don’t claim to understand what goes on now. Humans are humans, with all their silly issues… Black, white, purple with polka dots… it doesn’t matter. They’re all humans with more similarities than differences. All of them annoying! :grin:
Anyway, again, best of luck with that other human. Maybe someday you will like each other! :heart:

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We liked each other at first but the friendship did not stand the test of time.

That’s a shame, @chordy. I hope you can just find peace then. :sparkling_heart:

le sigh… 16166161

Maybe you will make peace with each other.
Maybe it was a misunderstanding.
Can you talk to her about it or if something she does annoys you…?

People can change and improve too.:flushed::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::blush:

Different cultures and backgrounds can get along well .

Living so close to so many people like you do can be difficult.

Do you have your own room?

Yes, I do have my own room but she is right next door.

I’m not making excuses for chordy but looking too closely into other differences and blaming it on racial differences is definitely a generational thing for some.
My dad is 67 and definitely “sees” color too much. He’s younger than chordy is. Older folk definitely blame disagreements with different races on their race more than younger people do. I don’t think chordy is a racist.

Ignorance and fear cause prejudice. I could say I know better because I lived in an integrated neighborhood when I was 2 and 3 years old. But we left there and everywhere else we lived was segregated.

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