I'm not encouraging drugs I just need clarification

Can mdma and alcohol one nights worth trigger schizophrenia in someone whose got mental health running on both sides of the family. I took like maybe 6 crystals I can’t really remember.

I know cannabis can but what about mdma

I think any street drugs can? I’ve done MDMA and it made me depressed afterwards for a while

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Yea I got that depression too…
I think that is quite typical of it.

My delusions didn’t start until like 4 months later and then voices a bit later…

Is mdma a street drug?

I think if it starts some time after use it can be considered triggered by the drug. As in, you had the underlying issue and it was triggered to surface. If it was completely drug induced it usually happens right after. I’m not sure if this is accurate lol, just from memory.
But yes MDMA is a street drug. Anything that isn’t otc or prescription is a street drug

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Yes it’s a street drug.
A street drug triggered an episode with me.

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Did it happen on the same day you took the drug?

A couple of days afterwards.

mdma is prob even worse than weed for sZ


I’m sorry to hear that @Wave

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Why do you say that, I see hardly any information on it but I do for weed and psychosis?

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any psychoactive drug is no good for mental illness especially if you arent 100% sure that its pure it could be anything, even pure mdma is highly psychoactive comparable to meth and even some hallucinogens

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I did think it may trigger for szc but I wantedto hear clarity on it so thankyou.

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Thanks @anon90843118.

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